Technical Review: Blocklancer

Blocklancer is a so call Distributed-Autonomous Job Market and their vision is a totally self-regulatory stage for finding jobs plus getting projects done. The hope is to amend the way freelancing works. The idea here is to provide the customer with a reliable freelancer and at the same time, provide the freelancer with a trustworthy and reliable customer and so making life a lot easier for both parties.

Blocklancer is the first completely decentralized job market platform. It guarantees payment for freelancers with no central authority. Blocklancer offers a great interface for finding new jobs while at the same time finds the perfect employee for the jobs on offer.

The reason this development has come into play is "that the hosts of freelancing websites almost have unlimited power, they can delete my account at their will, and there's nothing I can do about it." "Getting paid by your client often proves to be an unnecessary difficult hurdle to overcome."Sometimes clients leave undeservedly bad reviews for my work.

The Blocklancer platform is owned and powered by the token holders so nobody is able to manipulate the system. The smart contracts of Blocklancer guarantee the payment for the freelancer. If the work is done, and the client is satisfied, the freelancer gets paid immediately. A 3% fee is charged per job which is several period lower than other freelancing websites. In Blocklancer, if clients are not pleased with the work, the Token holders decide who is right.

The token holders are those who hold tokens which are similar to shares in a company where you take delivery of a positive percentage of the company's revenue. A 100% of the fees earn from jobs on the stage will be distributed amongst the token holder. Token holders have a vote when it comes to making decisions and they are involved in settling disputes among customers and freelancers. They are launching their ICO (initial coin offering) on the August 5th2017 in order to fund the platform.


Token Lancer
Symbol LNC
Technology Ethereum
Decimals 18 (like Ether)
Contract ABI View ABI
Date 5. August 24:00:00 (UTC) - 5. September 24:00:00 (UTC)
Maximum Cap 1,000,000,000 LNC
Minimum Tokens 150,000,000 LNC

power day with 15,000 LNC : 1 ETH

after power day: 10,000 LNC : 1 ETH for first 10 Million Tokens

rate decreases by 1% for every 10 Million Tokens sold

minimum rate is 7,000 LNC : 1 ETH


100% of Blocklancers fees are distributed amongst token holders

LNC is a tradeable token


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