COSS ICO / The Token Swap

Crypto-One-Stop-Solution (COSS) defined as revenue generating the token on Ethereum that designed for sustaining a Crypto-One-Stop-Solution platform. The aim of Crypto One Stop Solution is to enhance a huge adoption of crypto-currencies. The shareholders of COSS token will have a benefit of weekly revenue from a COSS DAO value generation out of the transaction charges on a COSS platform. COSS platform governed by a Smart-Contract-System, hence its best use case is to keep it, and you can stand a chance of earning its holders as well as the entire other tradable crypto-currencies. A minimum purchase-in of COSS offer is 50 Ethereum worth of a COSS tokens with 25% bonus.

An exchange rate of Ethereum to COSS will be available at the beginning of a pre-ICO. Eventually, its offer might be outdated anytime immediately all 25,000,000 COSS tokens already sold. Therefore, COSS token has the characteristic value associated with it from the first time of the issuance.

Uses and Benefits of COSS

COSS and EVA energy combined for empowering the Ethereun Payments.
Previously, Ethereum was used to create a concept proofs for the smart grids, but currently, it is combined with EVA energy, under Ethereum-founded block-chain Company to enable the customers to pay the bills on Ether.

Besides, the currencies that allowed besides ETH include, LTC, XEM, BTC, LSK, DASH, PAY, SNM, BNT, VRS, and CVC. Following the reports, EVE energy expected to cater the needs of electricity and gas of over 300,000 clients by 2019. The service payments are to be made through COSS payment platform.

As it described on COSS web site, payment gateway offers the merchants an innovative number tool for managing payments, which comprise multiple currencies flexibility. Besides, the exchange rate integration makes your business an easy acceptance for the latest entities as well as simple plug and the play scripts. It makes a fast platform-agnostic-synergy. Another instance of mass Ethereum adoption and other cryptocurrencies is the partnership among these companies. For example, a Romanian customer now can apply an alternative method of paying the utility bills.


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Author: HarryKPeters


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