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Indorse A revolutionary platform that rewards tokens to its users with decentralization technique that can change the current definition of professional networking. Indorse is reward based decentralized professional social network. Indorse is different than other traditional platforms in a sense that it gives ownership of the data to the users. With indorse, you can share your profile, skills, and activity to earn a profit. Indorse awards two types of incentives to the users, they are Indorse bucks (internal reward) and reputation system (indorse score). Users can earn indorse bucks by getting registered into the network and being active. You can get revenue for the content you share on the site from the advertisers who purchase space on the site The purchase of the space is done with cryptographic Indorse Token (IND).

How does it work?

How do you earn indorse bucks and indorse tokens? You can understand the working mechanism of indorse with step by step procedure explained below:
• Sign up
• Create your profile
• Start adding your claims
• For example, if you are freelancer writing technical articles, you can post this claim along with the link to the published articles as proof
• Another user who is part of your network indorses your skill using the anonymous voting mechanism called as anonymous indorsement protocol
• After the consensus of reputation in your claim your reputation increases and you and that another user is rewarded an indorse bucks
• These indorse bucks that you earned can be later converted into tradable indorse tokens.
• These tokens can be used to purchase advertising and other services available on the platform
• In this way, the users of indorse are rewarded for the content and the network that they are helping to build.

Each member can take part in Indorse platform through two roles: Claimant and Moderator The claimant makes the claim with proof attached with his/her claim whereas the job of the moderator is to verify the claim and either approve it or flag it as inappropriate. For every claim that gets approved the reputation of the user increases.

Indorse Explainer Video

Indorse runs on ICO to collects funds for further development. They are planning to collect around 50,000 eth and they will send 1000 IND token in exchange of 1 etherum token. 35% of total collected coins is planned to distribute among the investors. The reason for indorse to run on ICO is to collect funds and utilize this fund for development and other sectors of the platform.

To summarize Indorse is a platform offering you reward for every little skill you have and with the guarantee of ownership of your data You can now earn for what you share on this platform rather than just watch your data being used by some other platforms to make money.

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Author: HarryKPeters


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