Atlant - Invest. Rent. Trade.

Atlant is a newly emerging global real-estate platform based on black chain technology. It will give two solutions including tokenized ownership and peer-to-peer rentals. It helps to identify the right real estate property to invest. The token refers to the owner or a partial owner of the property. On the other hand, the peer-to-peer rentals will help to reduce fees and possibility of fake reviews.


Atlant focuses on providing initial property token offerings of the properties listed in Atlant. A small portion fee will be imposed on the lessor. The token holders will vote for the feed size. Moreover, the token holders will vote for various actions important to take including listing fee approval, property for rent approval and others. Anyone can become an arbitration in P2P rentals panel and give conflict resolution. It will lead to a chance to earn extra income too. Atlant gives the platform to suggest improvements for the growth. By using a virtual machine named Ethereum platform, it will give the best computing platform. The protocol is responsible for providing the important documentation and other aspects. There will be total 150,000,000 tokens and starting ICO price is 1 ETH. A maximum number of tokens will be available for buy during the ICO period.

It will offer 10% or 20% in every ATL token offerings. The Ethereum Wallet will help to store and manage the tokens in the virtual platform. Atlant will also introduce a number of crypto currencies in near future. As soon as the crypto currencies are available, it will publish on the virtual platform. Any participant can also help to develop the ETH program. Send a smart contract to be a part of the development. Overall, Atlant is a potential source of invest, rent and earn. The real estate platform with a token system can give a real way to invest and earn the profit.

The Atlant ICO Review

The world of real estate has been rapidly changing over the past few decades with norms being shattered as fast as they are being created. Innovation in that sector is fast taking over making it easier and cheaper for people to realize their dreams of owning and investing in reale estate.

What Is Atlant?

Atlant is a platform that is specifically designed to aid business transactions within the real estate industry. With Atlant, selling, buying and trading in real estate has been broken down to the simple click of a few buttons. This has led to the shattering of traditional barriers that had made it difficult for commoners to venture into this lucrative world while eliminating the need for overly priced yet unnecessary lawyers. This platform is a godsend as it eliminates middlemen, high fees, untrustworthy reviews and best of all, it has enabled more efficient P2P long term and short-term rental deals.


Why The Atlant ICO is an Important investment

By now you should have enough reason to invest in this ICO but if not, here are some other problems that Atlant seeks to solve within the industry. Transparency in the pricing process •DAffordable tokens from the smallest of portfolios to the largest of conglomerates:
• A Low real estate investment and transaction fees
• A tamper proof record system to increase efficacy when making agreements

The ICO will be live as from the 7Th of September 2017, with 1ETH (about $300) bringing in 505ATL. With the platform, the future of real estate will be put in the hands of the actual players, and not con artists looking to make a quick buck. With the presale having already racked in a whopping $1.5 million, it seems the only way left for Atlant to go is up. The future of real estate investment is looking brighter and brighter. More information is available on their website.


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Author: HarryKPeters


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