Swarm Fund - Cooperative Ownership Platform for Real Assets

Bitcoin now hovers at the four thousand dollar mark and is a daily topic on Forbes. It wouldn't be wrong to conclude that cyrptocurrencties finally have mainstream recognition. Unfortunately, governments still shy away from them, and this has meant that most are only used for small scale anonymous trades online. Swarm Fund promises to change all that It will be a platform that offers cryptocurrency owners the chance to invest in new ideas and have their funds exchanged for physical world assets. Right now it's Initial coin offer is near. It's quite similar to the IPO that happens at stock exchanges with the difference being that cryptocurrencies are used.

Swarm Fund's biggest promise is access to start ups with potential. The second being storage of cryptocurrecy funds in physical assets. With the volatility of the market, people are always worried that their savings could evaporate overnight, and the possibility of coin collapse is not impossible. It's hard to forget Aircoin, or the collapse of Melange, and it would make many sleep sounder if they knew their cash was somewhere intact. Once you purchase Swarm Fund Tokens, you can interact with the businesses on the platform and invest in them.


The biggest benefit of investing in Swarm Fund is that there are fewer middlemen as opposed to stock exchanges and other investment options. There are also lower costs of investment with the program, a factor that makes many people shy away from investing with major banks. This is not the first ICO in cryptocurrency history so it should go on without any hiccups. The right company could let you reap major returns in a short period of time For business owners who do not meet the requirements to have their stock on the stock exchange, this is an alternative to raise capital for your business.


The cryptocurrency markets are a law unto themselves. One of the reasons for government regulation on financial platforms is to prevent massive fluctuations and manipulation, things that aren't unheard of in the cryptocurrency world. While it's nearly impossible to steal cryptocurrency, their values can triple and halve overnight. Ponzi schemes have also began springing up in the digital world, and its hard to say how many checks the Swarm Fund has in place to ensure authenticity of the businesses.


With the current group of projects bringing real life innovation towards bitcoin and the blockchain, the Swarm Fund project may be one of the best. making a solid, decentralized and fraud proof platofrm where investing is beign brought to the next level, it may seem that we are in for a treat. Which in fact we are, because the Swarm Fund is a full-service solution, brining investors together on a platform where features and innovation are the standard.



For those well versed in the crypt° currency trade, the ICO is a great opportunity to grow your portfolio. For those who have barely got their feet wet it would not hurt to learn a bit more before cashing in all your chips.


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Author: HarryKPeters
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