Genesis Vision - A platform for the private trust management market

Genesis Vision platform has been built for the private trust management. The foundation of the platform is smart contracts and block chain technology. Genesis Vision unites brokers, exchanges, investors, and traders into, open, fair and decentralized network. This makes the financial market increase the world coverage. Hence successful traders will be able to quickly scale their strategies for trading by luring investments from around the globe. Below are some useful technical details.

Exchange of manager's crypto currencies internally

Genesis Vision's internal exchange is where sell manager's coins can be purchased by investors. Dependent on their levels, managers' coins are limited. Originally, these coins are purchased at a fixed price from the manager only Then they can be traded by the investors among themselves freely on the internal exchange. In this scenario, investors quote their own price regarding the coins of their managers. The manager's success determines the cost of the coins. This is due to the fact that the profitable trading of the manager makes his coins profitable.

Trading platforms integration

A broker requires installing integration plug-in for the platform he is trading on. This should assist him to connect to the network for Genesis Vision. The plug in serves as a bridge between the broker's trading platform and the block chain. The function of the integration plug in will be to interact with the Ethereum Broker's wallet and the smart contracts, to write IPFS in real time after receiving all the manager's transactions, and to move money to the trading account of the manager.

Profit for Investors

Client Applications

The web and mobile application will be developed to assist clients to interact with the platform. The application will let managers and investors undertake all the necessary actions. These actions are such as viewing manager's statistics and trade history, viewing the managers' list, investing in managers and trading on the internal interchange with manager's tokens. The above technical details will assist take the financial market to the next level!

Compared the current solution the project seems to be very promosing. What I like the most if how they set up their whitepaper, where more then other projects they explain how this can work in real life. Not just graphs and statistics but real life cases, which makes the project more trustworthy in my opinion. It would be good however, if the team give more AMA's to explain the project to the masses. The more information they share the more the project can become mainstream and hence find their way to succes.


Everyboy cases about money and with many Fiat currencies avaiable we will see more projects like Genesis Vision. Because crypto currencies are slowly yet resolute taking over the world, gaining mass adoption and so the impact in real life applications will grow and grow. With that in mind the succes of new projects like Genesis Vision will open doors to new people. People who otherwise would never try to use a crypto currency. Question is however will the team be able to execure their ambitious roadmap?

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Author: HarryKPeters


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