Technical review DomRaider

Dropcatching expired domain names is a service that has become essential in the recent years.there is no one that does it better than Domraider. Solet's take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on them.

What is Domraider?

Simply put, Domraider is a startup with French origins that took off sometime in 2013. It is geared towards the registration of recently expired domain names then auctioning them out to the public. This is a method commonly known as alildropcatching'. With Domraider at your side, it becomes much easier for you to dropcatch some of the best domain names publicly available. The ICO for Domraider is set to take place from the 10th of September and is exactly why you should be interested. Registration of an expired domain has several benefits for your SEO, taking your brand to a whole new level by taking advantage of thealready established infrastructure.

Features of Domraider

Here are some reasons why the use of Domraider is very popular when it comes to domain registration services:

• Highly successful snap rate: The snap success rate of Domraider is rated at 98% making it quite efficient.
• It supports multiple extensions: Domraider offers support for more than 18 TLDs ranging from .de to .com to .uk and so much more
• Affordable: A nominal fee can be used in the pre-order of domains making it quite affordable.
• Proper Account management: An account manager is available at all times to offer customers the necessary required support
• Anonymization services: WHOIS data allows users the ability to minimize their digital footprint to almost nothing
• Domraider also offers users a downloadable list of available domains and their indicators Best of all is that a Domraider account is free and charges are only applied once you need to register a domain with changes ranging from EUR 5 to 9 depending on the domain.

Why opt for the Domraider ICO?

Since 2013, Domraider has been a market leader thanks to some next level professional dropcatching. The ICO thus offers interested parties the chance to become part of the magic. The ICO comes with a new innovative token, The DRT. With this token, Domraider will be able to easily grow its platform into something even more phenomenal while at the same time taking the blockchain auctions to a global scale.

There are 1 billion tokens up for grabs with the sale having begun on September 10th, 2017 and issuance of tokens slated for October the same year 35% of these tokens are to be sold, 50% locked within a reserve and 15% allocated to the shareholders. The tokens are fully compliant with ECR20. The goal of the company is to have all its auctions added to the blockchain by 2018, making them available on both their online-browser and app platforms. Any further information can be gotten from their website.


Having seen and experienced the many possibilities of domain trading and blockchain, i expect this token sale very well. The fact that the team has taken the needed precautions to safeguard their project, means they may be sitting on a golden project.

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Author: HarryKPeters


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